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Battlestar Galactica (2003) - TV Movie: Razor (Part 1)

Plot Outline
Shortly after Lee Adama is put in command of the battlestar Pegasus, he brings in Kendra Shaw as his XO. Shaw began serving under Admiral Cain just as the Cylons attacked the 12 Colonies, witnessing first-hand the choices Cain made that kept Pegasus and its crew alive, experiences that helped mold Shaw into a razor.

When Lee is ordered by his father to rescue a missing scientific crew, they discover a missing link to the Cylons' past experiments on humans during the Cylon War, which may in turn be a key to everyone's future.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2007-09-13 03:26:19
1.) TIRED....OF......WAITING.....!

is this official? last time I checked (months ago), Season 4 was set to kick off in FEB 2008...

Posted on:
2007-11-06 05:49:10
2.) This is the mini-series about the Pegasus. The official season 4 is supposed to start in April 2008.  

Posted on:
2007-11-08 16:34:16
3.) I feel like crying :) Only in April? damn... Perhaps if we pray hard enough ;)  
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