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Cane (2007) - 1x01 - Pilot

Plot Outline
As Pancho's health worsens, he decides to name one of his sons a successor to take over Duque Rum and sugar, causing a rift within the family. Meanwhile, Alex confronts the Samuels family on their shady business practices.

Alex and Frank's approach to business is as different as their approach to life. While Frank might lose focus chasing women, Alex is deeply in love with his beautiful wife, Isabel, who is also Pancho's daughter. Married when she was just 17 years old, Isabel balances Alex by choosing not to involve herself in the business, focusing instead on their three children, Jaime, Katie and Artie, who are determined to forge their own paths outside the family. Jaime has a deep love for his father, but also yearns to make it on his own outside of the family business and when he's accepted to a reputable college he must face the decision to please Alex or stick by his beloved girlfriend Rebecca and choose a new life. Katie is their rebellious teenage daughter who looks and acts far older than she is. Henry, Pancho's youngest son, prefers to stand in the sidelines while his oldest siblings battle for control of the Duque's interests. While her sons wrestle with their own personal difficulties and secrets, Pancho's wife, Amalia, sees to the normal inter-personal conflicts that occur within an extended family and bridges the gap between the three generations hosting the family's large music-filled cookouts and lively dinners.

For the Duques, will family allegiance come first or will their secrets and acrimonious conflicts over love, lust and control of the family fortune be their downfall?

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