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Nigella (2005) - 1x20 - Episode 20

Plot Outline
Today Nigella is joined by the charming Graham Norton.

The outrageous Irishman will be joining Nigella in the kitchen and they’ll be discussing cringe-inducing habits, holidays and what men wear on the beach!

Now most men enjoy being cooked for and Graham is no exception as Nigella bakes him sweet treats with vibrantly decorated Cup Cakes.

Trying hard to resist Graham’s mischievous charm are Nigella’s chums, Maria McErlane and Jan Ravens.

They’ll all be on hand to listen to those viewers with holiday dilemmas. With these three on hand … there’s bound to be advice the rest of us would dare not utter!

We’ll be looking at men’s beachwear – from high street bargains to luxury designer pieces.

Even if the sun isn’t shining you will be tempted by these!

To finish with something simple, Nigella will be driving Graham nutty as she makes Best Bar Nuts.

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