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Blind Justice (2005) - 1x04 - Up on a Roof

Plot Outline
The pivotal moment where his former partner failed to step up and take out the bank robber continues to haunt Jim as he is forced to relive losing his eyesight in a recurring nightmare. Jim struggles to move on with his life, but a joint investigation with the 77th precinct pairs him and his current colleagues with Terry Jansen and another detective as they investigate the murder of two gang members. When they head to the home of Titus Oliver, a possible suspect with a previous criminal record for an interview, he attempts to escape by running up to the roof of his apartment.

Terry goes after the suspect alone, and ends up being shot in the shoulder. He tells the other detectives that Titus had fired at him and then he shot back with his 9mm gun. Titus had dropped his weapon as he escaped. The recovered weapon is sent off for testing. Jim is troubled by this story because it conflicts with what he heard. He heard Terry fire the 9mm first and then the shot from Titus' gun. Titus decides to turn himself in when he hears that he is being accused of shooting a cop.

He confesses to the other shootings after there is match with his 22mm and the bullets that killed the two gang members, but he adamantly denies shooting Terry. Titus said he dropped his gun in the stairwell when he was being chased, not on the roof. Jim is having a difficult time deciding whether to continue to investigate further into Terry's story or to let it go because he wants to put everything involving his former partner in the past. If he does decide to abandon this investigation, then he will let Titus receive the blame for a crime that he might have not committed.

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