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Blind Justice (2005) - 1x05 - Marlon's Brando

Plot Outline
Two women are brutally raped and their faces have been branded with a deep jagged cut by their attacker. The detectives interview a white supremacist in prison named Leonard Mattis who might be connected somehow with the attacks due to him being related to the victims through blood and marriage. He denies any involvement. They don't believe him as Mattis' wide range of power and connections in and out of prison is a major factor in these assaults.

Meanwhile, Jim's patience begins to wear thin as his growing agitation over Marty's actions against him becomes more apparent to the other detectives at the precinct. Also, the fear of no longer being someone who is adequate enough to be there for and protect his wife and partner begins to take hold, as the investigation potentially endangers Karen and causes Jim to sporadically visualize Christie as a victim.

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