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Blind Justice (2005) - 1x11 - Dance with Me

Plot Outline
After a recommendation from Dr. Galloway to temporarily put aside the problems in their marriage before going to couple's counseling, Christie and Jim set out on a quest to search for a fun and comforting activity to do that will bring them closer together.

Artie Steckle, the man who found Hank asks Jim to talk to his nephew, Pete who has given up on living his life to the fullest after gradually becoming blind due to a disease. Jim attempts to show Pete who wants no help and only to be left alone that there are options out there where he can learn to cope and live a normal life with his blindness.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman is found dead in her bedroom after it was consumed by an arson set fire. The main suspect is the landlord who is also a firefighter, which creates friction as it stirs up old feelings in a conflict of cops vs. firefighters when he accuses Marty of being bias towards him in this investigation due to his profession.

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