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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x01 - Eighties (a.k.a. That '80s Pilot)

Plot Outline
Corey mourns his breakup with Sophia while simultaneously coping with mixed feelings about his new co-worker, Tuesday. Meanwhile, Katie is the unwelcome recipient of bisexual Sophia's affections. And RT has an offer for Corey.

The year is 1984. The place is San Diego, CA. Corey Howard is a regular guy at 22, except his life is a total mess since his bisexual girlfriend, Sophia, dumped him, and he can't quite take it as easy as his unfaithful father did upon splitting with his mother. To make things worse, he still lives at home, he has a worthless philosophy degree, his music career is going nowhere, and Margaret just hired a punk girl with a bad 'tude who proves his foil at Permanent Record. Sophia makes a visit to the Howard household to drop off some cassette tapes of Corey's, and finds Katie home alone. So she uses the opportunity to tell Katie that she's in love with her -- which isn't quite what the non-bisexual Katie was expecting. RT drops by Permanent Record with a job proposal for Corey. He wants him to market his new invention, the Gut Whacker. Although Corey doesn't want to work for his old man, the tension between him and the punker, Tuesday, and his lack of money are enough to convince him to bid adieu to the record store. But Corey is not cut out for marketeering, and quits real quick. At Club Berlin, the kids' favorite hangout, Sophia apologizes to Katie for hitting on her, but it's just an excuse to cop a cheap feel. Meanwhile, Roger's advances towards Sophia are about as welcome as hers towards Katie. Corey returns to the life of a struggling musician who sells records and fights with his spikey-haired co-worker. But things might be looking up for the pair when Tuesday takes her hair down after Corey makes fun of it, and Corey invites himself to coffee with her. Not that the two stop fighting.

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