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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x02 - Valentine's Day

Plot Outline
Somebody mails a box of candy to Permanent Records for Valentine's Day, but the intended recipient is unclear. Meanwhile, when Katie's sailor boyfriend, Owen, pays her a surprise visit, RT and Sophia get in the way of his shore leave.

It's Valentine's Day, and a mysterious heart-shaped box of candies appears at Permanent Records with a card that reads "To my valentine. Be mine. From you-know-who." But who sent it? And who is it for? Corey, who hates the holiday, and Tuesday, who hates everything, assume it's for Margaret, but Margaret tells Corey it's not for her. And if it's not for her and it's not for him, then it's obviously for Tuesday. Corey's not the only Howard with love problems when RT learns from Katie that his ex-wife is going on vacation with some guy named Steve... and there was another guy before Steve named Dave. Katie's boyfriend, Owen, pays her a surprise visit at home to wish her a happy Valentine's Day. He's in the Navy and on leave for just 24 hours, which will give them more than enough time to tear one off. Or so they think. While talking things over with Roger, Corey wonders if Tuesday sent the candy to herself to see if he'd get jealous. RT is so bitter over his ex-wife's new fling that he decides to take his mind off it by taking Katie and Owen around town -- preventing them from doing what Owen is in town for. As if RT on their back isn't enough, Sophia stops over with a basket of chocolate for Katie, and proceeds to hit on her right in front of an oblivious Owen. With Corey not around, Margaret tells Tuesday that the chocolates are for her -- and he sent them. Katie tries to cheer RT up at Club Berlin, while Roger tries to pick up Sophia, and Sophia feels betrayed by Katie and wonders how to get rid of Owen. After Tuesday acts weird in front of Corey and then storms off, Margaret tells him that she just found out Tuesday sent the candy to him. With just three hours left before Owen has to return to sea, Katie stands her ground, barks at everyone, and drags Owen upstairs to finish the job. Or... start the job. Learning from his own mistakes, RT wakes Corey up late at night to tell him not to let the right one get away when she comes along. And so Corey and Tuesday eat the candy together with both of them thinking the other sent it to them.

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