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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x03 - Tuesday Comes Over

Plot Outline
Katie invites Tuesday to come stay at her place after discovering that Corey's mortal enemy lives in her car. Meanwhile, an overly-flirtatious Sophia convinces RT to buy a hot tub to soothe his aching muscles. And Roger needs to sell one more car by the end of the day, or risk losing his demo model.

Corey is driven up the wall when both Katie and RT take over his bathroom. After Corey cuts himself shaving with an environmentally-safe razor Katie forced him to use, Tuesday notices paper stuck to his face, and he explains to her that he has a lot of "roommates." Corey thinks his days of not getting along are over after he and Tuesday share a rant concerning a snobby, yuppie customer they both told off, but Tuesday goes right back to hating him afterwards. Roger is a nervous wreck after he falls behind on his quota, and needs to make his 15th sale by the end of the day. If he doesn't, the car dealership will take his beloved demo-model BMW away. When RT tells Sophia that he's suffering from muscle pain, she advises him to look into buying a hot tub, since she knows a guy who can get him a good deal on one. To meet quota, Roger tries to finagle an elderly couple, the Baileys, into buying an expensive lemon, but just when he thinks he's made the sale, they tell him they need more time to think about it. RT and Sophia flirt with each other while going over hot tub brochures. Katie meets Tuesday when she goes down to Permanent Record to hang up some Earth Day '84 posters. And that night, she discovers Tuesday in the back alley. Living in her car. Tuesday tells her she's moving into a new apartment in a few days, but Katie takes pity on her anyway, and invites her to stay at her house until then -- leaving out the fact that Corey lives at home with her. Tuesday accepts the invitation, but is no happy camper when she's surprised by Corey after stepping out of his shower. RT buys the hot tub, and invites Sophia to "test drive" it with him, but she immediately skips out on him. Just when the dealership is about to close, the Baileys come back and tell Roger they've decided to buy the car -- even though they have to cut corners to afford it. Roger feels guilty... so he has his co-worker, Frank, sell it to them, and splits the commission with him. After Corey finds out that Tuesday is living in her car -- because her roommate found a boyfriend and kicked her out -- he feels bad, and apologizes to her for lying about whom he lives with. Back at work, Tuesday confesses to him that she'd probably crash at her folks' house if they lived closer, and the two sort of call a truce. Corey, RT and Roger enjoy the new hot tub, and Corey lets RT in on a little secret -- Sophia gets a kickback for every hot tub she suckers someone into buying.

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