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The Best Years (2007) - 1x01 - Vertigo

Plot Outline
Thanks to a scholarship, Samantha Best arrives at Charles University for her first year in residence. With years of poverty and foster-homes behind her she jumps into campus life excited about her future only to learn that she’ll be kicked out if she doesn’t come up with money for her meal plan. A night out with her room-mate Kathryn, star basketball player Devon (instant sparks fly when Sam meets Devon…) and his room-mate John, ends with a tragic and fatal accident. Sam is pressured to keep the details of the accident a secret and risks her, and her new found friends, being expelled if she comes clean. Her conscience in turmoil, she decides to confess, omitting any involvement by the others. Unbeknownst to Sam, her scholarship benefactress, Dorothy O’Sullivan, comes to her aid – Charles University will pay a steep price if any charges are pressed against Samantha Best…

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