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The Best Years (2007) - 1x02 - Notorious

Plot Outline
Devon is freaked-out at the possible repercussions of Samantha’s confession. Kathryn, also angry, retaliates with a ‘noise war’. When Sam casually mentions her problems to Darryl, the R.A., he makes her life hell by turning her complaint into a dorm wide noise ban and earning her the nickname ‘narc’. Things escalate when Sam is dyed purple in a shower prank. Sam quickly hatches a plan to redeem herself by throwing the party of all parties with the help of floor-mates, the slightly geeky Cynthia and late-comer to the floor Noah. When the party has a pitiful turnout, Devon saves the day with a keg of beer and an entourage of students looking for a good time, only for the party to get busted by Darryl and campus security. Meanwhile, Sam’s business Prof singles out his purple student and suggests that high grades from her ‘part of town’ are meaningless – she doesn’t belong in his class. And Dawn auditions for Macbeth, landing the juiciest role, Lady Macbeth, much to the drama department’s chagrin.

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