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The Best Years (2007) - 1x06 - Girl Interrupted

Plot Outline
After visiting Cynthia in the hospital, Samantha tries to discover the cause of Cynthia’s breakdown and suicide attempt. Snooping in Cynthia’s dorm room, Sam uncovers a disturbing clue, which points to a deep, dark and well-kept, Song family secret. Meanwhile, Dorothy is heading out of town and offers her mansion to Samantha as a quiet study haven. While staying there Sam is stunned to meet Alicia, Dorothy’s estranged and rebellious daughter. When Dorothy arrives back in town and finds something missing from her home, she accuses Sam of the theft. Angry over the accusation, Sam tells Dorothy of Alicia’s visit and confronts her about their disaffected relationship. Samantha accepts Dorothy’s explanation, bringing the two even closer together. Meanwhile, Noah takes a shine to his film Prof, who is rumored to have a propensity for hooking up with one attractive male student per year. Noah hopes that he is this term’s chosen one. Dawn’s diva behavior annoys her fellow thespians and if something doesn’t change fast, the show won’t go on.

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