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The Best Years (2007) - 1x10 - Cruising

Plot Outline
Sam is enraged when Professor Fisher makes a case study out of Crazed College Girls (CCG) CEO, Mick Templeton, who happens to be a former business class student. Kathryn and Shannon are all over the CCG competition which offers an all-expenses paid trip to Cabo. Sam finds this raunch culture degrading at first – but when her Uncle Patrick lets her down one final time, Sam tires of being the ‘good girl’, and agrees to join Kathryn in the CCG competition. Letting loose, leading men on, and dressing sexy is both empowering and fun – and Sam and Kathryn wind up being the belles of the CCG ball. But when the competition takes a more exploitative turn, Sam and Kathryn bow out – losing the trip to Cabo, but maintaining their dignity. Returning home the next morning, Sam bumps into Devon coming out of Dawn’s room. Sam heads off in search of her uncle Patrick and she finds him leaving for good (Dorothy has found him a transplant overseas in exchange for his secrecy) and tearfully confronts him. Moved by her pleas, he cracks and tells her the truth about her family history, putting his deal with Dorothy in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Noah confronts Prof. Grant about the secrecy of their relationship and eventually stumbles on the truth – she’s married. Noah tells Grant he can’t be the other man – they’re over. Things get complicated when Noah discovers that Grant has left her husband… for him!

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