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The Best Years (2007) - 1x13 - Mommy Dearest

Plot Outline
As the first term comes to a close and with the holidays quickly approaching, Samantha decides to take the big leap and contact someone from her past. She feels a lot braver taking the risk with Trent by her side. While Sam and Trent haven’t officially declared themselves a couple, it looks like they’re well on their way to getting their relationship off the ground. That is, until Trent messes up and instead of being the supportive shoulder for Sam to lean on, he reverts back to his vice. This is the perfect opening for Devon, who confesses to Sam that he still loves her and asks her to give him a second chance… Meanwhile, Dawn struggles with the reality of accepting the role of ‘Snaps’ in the ‘Bel Air High’ movie, forcing her to choose between a career in film or the new life she’s been building for herself at Charles U. Kathryn gets a reality check from school administration about the state of her grades – she’s slipped from being an A+ student to just barely scraping by with a D. But after everything she’s gone through, especially with Beau, Kathryn is determined to turn things around starting with picking out a new set of courses for the spring term. As the term comes to a close Sam and her close friends are faced with the toughest choices that will impact the rest of their lives – will they stay at Charles University or go their separate ways?

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