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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x04 - Corey's Remix

Plot Outline
Corey's heartfelt, autobiographical breakup song becomes dance fodder in Katie's hands when she succeeds in proving Sophia wrong. Meanwhile, RT's business advice gets Roger fired.

Sophia's helping the D.J. at Club Berlin throw a party, and the little braggart announces it to the rest of the gang. Katie wants Sophia to have the D.J. play some of Corey's music, but Sophia won't even entertain the thought, since it's a dance club, not a "sit and question life" club. Corey insists that if he wanted his music playing in the club, it would be playing in the club. And then he spends the whole car ride home whining to Katie and Roger about how Sophia rejected first him and then his music. RT doesn't want to hear Corey's tunes either -- since he's always practicing them at home -- leaving Katie the only one who's supportive. Meanwhile, Roger's a little nervous over a meeting with the boss. RT's advice to him is to sell everything in fewer than two words, because some kid on his payroll told him to take "Butt Whacker" and "Gut Loader" and make them each one word. After Corey finishes his new song -- documenting his breakup with Sophia -- RT and Roger discover that he and Tuesday had coffee together, and Roger thinks that makes them an item. Corey takes the advice to heart, and invites Tuesday to the party at Club Berlin. To which she snaps at him that it was just coffee. While Corey's at work, Katie goes into his recording studio (otherwise known as the garage) without his knowledge, and remixes his new song, turning it into techno. Roger uses RT's one word sales pitch on the boss -- who fires him on the spot. Corey and Katie want to skip Sophia's party to stay home and cheer Roger up, but Roger's too busy getting ready for Club Berlin to care about the job he used to have. After a few shots, he doesn't even remember he got fired. Corey is infuriated when Katie surprises him at the party by playing her mix of his song. Curiosity and mixed feelings get the best of Tuesday, and Margaret advises her to give Corey's music a chance and take him up on the invitation. Corey confronts Katie in the ladies room to let her know that his song was personal and not to be danced to lightly. She grudgingly apologizes, but doesn't understand why he's upset. After their confrontation, Corey is surprised again. By Tuesday. Smack in the middle of his song. She insults the music that's playing, and he tries to go along with it, but another club-goer ruins his facade, so he's forced to tell Tuesday that Katie "dancercized" it. When Tuesday tries to pay the track a compliment, Corey offers to let her listen to the original mix. Back at home, Roger tells RT that he got fired because of the employee's advice -- which is when he learns that RT fired the guy for talking too much. Katie promises never to touch Corey's stuff again, after he lets her know that he wants people to hear his music... as it was arranged.

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