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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x05 - My Dead Friend

Plot Outline
The death of Corey's "friend" comes back to haunt him. Meanwhile, Sophia concocts a diabolical scheme to steal Katie from Owen. And Margaret's in the money when she scores a rare Beatles album from a homeless man who doesn't know its value.

Corey and Katie are stunned when their friend, Rick, drops dead on the dance floor at Club Berlin, the victim of life in the fast lane... and a lot of coke. They both realize they barely were friends; they didn't know his last name. Roger didn't even know his first name. He just called him "Silver Pants," due to the shiny, silver pants he wore to the club. Of course, Roger cares more about Rick's cousin with a Chrysler dealership whom Rick promised to hook him up with than the fact that he died. To prove to Katie how happy she is for her and Owen, Sophia tells her she got Owen a two-day pass by winning a bet with his lieutenant commander. And now she wants her and Owen to come to a party at her beach condo. When Katie accepts, Sophia lets Roger in on her plans: she's going to tempt Katie and Owen into a ménage-à-trois, and when Owen returns to duty, she'll have Katie all to herself. At work, Corey tells Tuesday that it's eating away at him how he barely knew Rick. To atone for it, he asks if Tuesday is her real name, but she isn't telling. So, when Margaret hands out paychecks, he steals Tuesday's, reads it, and discovers that Tuesday is really her last name. Her first name starts with a "J," but only the initial is on the check -- and she still isn't telling. One of Margaret's regular "suppliers," Gus, drops off some records for her in exchange for five bucks -- which comes in handy, since he's homeless. She expects them to be the usual worthless garbage he sells to her, but her jaw hits the floor when she paws through them and finds a copy of The Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" with the recalled butcher cover. When Katie and Owen show up at Sophia's, she pretends like all her other guests cancelled, so it'll just be the three of them. While Margaret dreams of the vacation she'll be taking when she sells the record, Corey tries to guess Tuesday's first name. Rick's father, Ernest Vanhausen, visits Corey at Permanent Record. When Corey overexaggerates his and Rick's friendship, Mr. Vanhausen asks him to say a few words at Rick's memorial service. Corey tries to get out of it by telling him he has to work, but Tuesday gets even with him and blurts out that she can cover for him. Since Corey is terrified of what to say at the service, RT advises him to go to Club Berlin and do research by grilling the others who knew Rick. But Corey finds out they didn't know Rick any better than he did. After chowing down on lobster and strawberries and whipped cream, Katie wises up to Sophia's plan, and lets her know it. Tuesday feels guilty after seeing Corey struggling to write the speech (since she thought he'd weasel out of it), so she goes to the funeral to hand him a speech that she wrote. To prove that she's not trying to put one over on him, she confesses that the "J" stands for June. The speech saves the day (sort of), and Roger spends the funeral trying to find out which one's the Chrysler cousin. Tuesday is not the only one who becomes racked with guilt; Margaret takes the album to Gus, telling him that it's worth way more than five dollars and she wants to split the future profits with him. Thanks to Roger, Corey has his own nickname at Club Berlin: "One Beer."

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