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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x06 - Spring Break '84

Plot Outline
When Katie's credit card gets cut up, she opts to have daddy cough up the money to turn it back on... and concocts an elaborate story for the occasion. Meanwhile, Corey is not a happy camper when a rocker and former classmate moves in on his turf.

While pawing through the latest batch of promo posters at Permanent Record, Corey and Katie recognize rocker Wray Thorn. They went to the same high school, and he and Corey took band together. Except he went by Raymond Glockhart back then. Katie's credit card gets denied when she tries to pay for some tapes, and Margaret cuts it in half. After talking with Corey and Roger, Katie learns that she neglected to pay the interest -- and now she's $1300 in debt. Corey thinks she should tell RT what happened and ask him for the money. She plans to ask him for the money, but can't bring herself to admit she maxed out her cards, especially since she can't even admit that she dropped out of college. So instead, she decides to tell him that she needs the money for a Spring Break trip to Cancun -- which she plans to spend at Roger's. RT falls for it, and readily hands her a check. Wray pays a surprise visit to the record store (he likes to see his album for sale), and catches up on old times with Corey, who plays dumb. Wray takes a shining to Tuesday, and wants to hook up with her. After he asks Corey if they're an item and Corey says no, Wray makes his move. Corey expects Tuesday to rip Wray to shreds, but when she seems to be falling for him, a tongue-tied Corey becomes jealous. Katie, who's having second thoughts, is about to leave for "vacation" when RT freaks her out by asking her to take pictures of her trip. Corey overhears Wray inviting Tuesday to hang with him backstage after his concert, and yet, he still can't say what he feels. When Corey drops by Roger's while Katie is sunning herself on the balcony, she asks to borrow his camera; she's having a photo session at a Mexican restaurant at the mall. RT is lost without Katie around, because he has no idea how to cook. Meanwhile, Roger and Katie are the odd couple as roommates. Katie, Corey, Sophia and Roger hang out at the restaurant, El Chorizo Grande, where a loaded Katie gets her pictures taken by Sophia, a tormented Corey has no fun, and a mariachi band's music fills the air. When word gets back to Sophia, she orders Corey to go to Wray's concert and tell Tuesday how he feels. Upon returning home from her "trip," a guilt-ridden Katie tells RT the truth. But he already knew; a lady at Visa called the house. He doesn't care, and doesn't want the money back, because he thinks she's busting her hump at school. And in that respect, she's fine with lying. At Wray's concert (where he's opening for The Smiths), Corey sits next to Tuesday and lets her know that he doesn't want her seeing Wray. He also tries to pretend it's a date. Although she previously said she didn't think Wray's music sucks, she changes her tune about his tunes, and heckles Wray, convincing Corey to do the same.

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