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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x07 - Katie's Birthday

Plot Outline
At Katie's birthday party, Owen and RT give the gifts that keep on being given back. Meanwhile, Corey and Tuesday exchange a present of their own. And Sophia comes on to Katie, while RT comes on to Margaret.

Katie turns 21, and Sophia throws an extravagant party for her at Club Berlin -- only to feel rejected when Katie gives her no more than a thank you. Corey invites Tuesday to Katie's second party back at the Howard house, but wonders if she'll actually show up. Roger hurts his leg after falling down on the dance floor, so Owen, who's back from active duty, sweeps him off his feet in a parody of An Officer and a Gentleman. Tuesday does show up at Corey's house, but is furious to discover that Corey lied to her. He told her they were throwing a big blow-out for Katie, when in fact it's just a family get-together -- the kind that make Tuesday miserably uncomfortable. Margaret stops by to deliver Corey's presents for Katie (which he forgot), and RT invites her to join the festivities. Sophia crashes the party, too, in hopes of wooing Katie away from Owen -- which goes over as well as a lead balloon. RT's gift to Katie is a nameplate. For her new office. He wants her to be his new director of marketing after she "graduates." But she doesn't want the job. Owen's gift doesn't go over any smoother. He hands her a ring, and asks her for her hand. RT flirts with Margaret during the gift-unwrapping, and Margaret is a lot more receptive than Katie is with Sophia. During a poker game, Tuesday blurts out to Corey that she's not his girlfriend, and storms off into the kitchen. He follows her, she chews him out for inviting her to a family gathering, the two exchange insults, and then kiss passionately. Twice. And then when he turns his back for a second, she skips out. Katie can't find the answer to Owen's proposal, so she turns to Sophia for advice, and Sophia tells her the choice is hers. So, deciding she isn't ready for marriage, Katie turns down Owen, opting instead to go back to college. Owen is crushed, but quickly gets over it. Katie also apologizes to Sophia for not showing more appreciation for her club party. With the poker game whittled down to just RT, Roger and Sophia, Sophia convinces RT to up the stakes -- whomever wins the next hand gets to have the job offer Katie turned down. Roger wins, but RT gives the job to Sophia. Back at Permanent Record, Margaret senses that Corey and Tuesday kissed. Twice. Tuesday sort of confesses that she bailed because she felt confused. Corey does likewise, and their tumultuous relationship continues.

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