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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x08 - After the Kiss

Plot Outline
Corey's and Tuesday's kissing fest leads to heartache. Meanwhile, Roger joins Katie in aerobics class to scope out babes. And RT creates a monster when he promotes Sophia.

Corey and Tuesday share a spur-of-the-moment kiss in Margaret's office, which Margaret bears witness to. At Club Berlin, Katie is surprised to find out that her aerobics instructor, Venus, is also a bartender there. Since Roger is on the prowl for women and Venus was a dancer in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, Katie recommends that he take her class -- and after he hears the whole class is girls, he's sold. Corey's and Tuesday's office kiss sets off a domino effect, and soon, the two of them are kissing at Permanent Record more than they're working. RT breaks Sophia in for her new position of director of marketing, but she doesn't need a welcome wagon, as she's all too happy to take over and act like she's running the company. Katie becomes jealous when Roger's dance move -- which he calls "The Roger" -- wins over Venus, who lets him lead the class, because Katie was the one who wanted to lead. Margaret gives her two little lovebirds some time off for bad behavior, and the two continue their flirting at Just Gelato, a gelatin cafe. But when Corey has the misfortune to refer to what they got as a "relationship," Tuesday throws a tantrum and storms off. After they both return to work, Tuesday is even more angry when Corey tells her he wants to "back off" their... whatever it is for a while. When Sophia makes herself at home in RT's office and won't stop barking orders at his executive team, he decides to put his foot down -- by telling her he's taking Wednesdays off and giving her a 5% raise. She turns the offer down, demanding a 15% raise, or else she'll go work for his leading competitor. And what can he do but give in. Roger decides to excuse himself from Venus' class for Katie's sake. Besides, he's teaching his own now. Following some helpful advice from Margaret, Tuesday goes to Corey with a make-up compromise: for every 8 minutes of making out, they'll have 2 minutes of meaningful conversation.

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