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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x09 - Double Date

Plot Outline
When Roger needs a date, Tuesday promises to fix him up. Meanwhile, Katie feels guilty about RT not knowing she's no longer in school. And Sophia produces an infomercial for RT.

When his date cancels, Roger is stuck with an extra ticket to a Bob Marley festival, which was supposed to be a double date with Corey and Tuesday. Since Roger and third wheel don't mix, he asks Tuesday if she knows any potential dates. She promises she'll set him up, in part because Corey doesn't think she knows anyone period. Sophia decides to go all-out producing a sexy infomercial to help sell one of RT's home-gym systems: The Butt Luge II. RT isn't interested... until Sophia tells him she's going to audition some models. Owen almost lets it slip to RT that Katie dropped out of college, and insists that she should be honest. But she can't work up the nerve. Fearing that Roger will blame him if things don't work out, Corey begs Tuesday to pick Roger's date carefully. Tuesday lies and claims she's already selected someone great. While running an errand for Margaret at the bank, Tuesday asks the female bank teller -- a complete stranger -- to go out with Roger. Katie becomes racked with guilt and wonders if she should tell RT the truth, but Roger doesn't think he can handle both of his kids not being business majors. At Corey's urging, she decides to go down to San Diego College, where RT and Sophia are shooting the infomercial, to come clean. Patty, the teller, turns out to be the female version of Roger, and the two hit it off, making an oblivious Corey impressed with Tuesday's matchmaker skills. While the four double daters are out clubbing, Roger and Patty, a finance mogul, try to upstage each other in the impressive college credentials department, and she's got him beat in every way. RT drops a bomb on Sophia -- instead of focusing on models, he wants to shoot the infomercial with a spokesman. Like himself. When Katie arrives at the college with Owen, she bumps into her former professor, Webster, who convinces her to reenroll as an environmental science major, because she was great at that. Corey advises Roger on the one ultimate weapon he can use to beat the ultra-competitive Patty: dancing. Corey is horrified when Tuesday confesses that she never met Patty before. Katie never does tell daddy the truth, but RT is just as appalled when she says she wants to major in what her professor recommended. Roger borrows Corey's car without asking him, and uses it to make out with Patty in the backseat. Corey chews Tuesday out for setting Roger up with a stranger, and gets her to agree to give him fair warning the next time she plans on doing something spontaneous and out-of-the-norm. And she keeps her word... right before she takes Patty's and Roger's handcuffs and cuffs Corey's hands behind his back and around her waist.

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