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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x10 - Punk Club

Plot Outline
Corey's and Tuesday's culture clash is exacerbated when she goes to a punk club behind his back. Meanwhile, the Howard household falls apart with Katie back in college. And Roger has a tragedy with a portable crimping iron.

Katie has gone back to school and is hitting the books hard. So hard that she no longer has time to do any cooking or cleaning for RT and Corey. While carpooling with Corey, Roger decides to crimp his hair with a portable iron. When they almost get into an accident, he absentmindedly leaves it in too long, and it burns a chunk of his hair. Roger refuses to be seen at work while he's partially bald on the left side of his skull, so he plans to call in sick with mono and spend the day on RT's couch. Corey is infuriated when another punk rock chick enters Permanent Record and hands out flyers to a new punk club, Chaos, because she gives one to everybody but him. After venting some steam, Corey asks Tuesday to go to the club with him, but she rips up the flyer, hinting that she doesn't plan on going. When Sophia drops by the Howard house, RT asks her to have a talk with Katie about her neglecting her housework. But after Sophia finds out from Katie that RT has her slaving over him and her brother like a maid, she convinces Katie to stop taking over the mother role and to start forcing the guys to fend for themselves. However, it's harder for Katie than it sounds, because she doesn't know how to manipulate people and she has a cleaning instinct. So Sophia hangs around to teach her the tricks of the trade. After Margaret plants the seed in Corey's mind that Tuesday will hit the new club without him, he goes to Chaos, and, lo and behold, she's there. The two have a confrontation outside, where she refuses to admit that she doesn't want to be seen with him around her crowd, and he tells her that if she's ashamed to be seen with him in a punk club, then she shouldn't be seen with him at all. When Sophia and Katie have a power play with RT and insist that the chores be shared, RT dirties all the dishes, expecting that the obsessive-compulsive Katie won't be able to stop herself from cleaning them. But when she announces she's bought paper plates and RT is forced to wear a dirty, smelly shirt to work, he and Roger have no choice but to agree to the gals' demands. After Margaret chews Tuesday out for what she did, Tuesday goes to Corey's house. She can't exactly say she's sorry, but she tells him she's proud to be with him. And to prove it, she wants to go to Chaos with him... in his regular duds. But she takes things to the other extreme the second time around, leading him to tell her that since he doesn't care what people think, neither should she.

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