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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x11 - Road Trip (a.k.a. Star Search)

Plot Outline
Katie forces Corey to join her on Star Search after their cousin suggests it. Meanwhile, RT agrees to let Sophia stay at his house in return for her pretending to be his girlfriend for his ex-wife's benefit. And Margaret shares a fiery past with Pat Benatar.

The Howards attend a family wedding, where RT has Sophia hanging on his shoulder in hopes of making his ex-wife, Barbara, jealous, Corey and Katie perform The Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited," and the family drunk, Cousin Ted, plants an idea in Katie's head by telling her and Corey they should be on Star Search. Sophia's posing as RT's new fling is in exchange for him letting her stay at his place for a few days, since her married boyfriend needs the condo they were sharing to entertain his wife. Sophia gets the better end of the deal, since Barbara was a no-show at the wedding. When Corey reads in the paper that Pat Benatar is playing at a local benefit concert, Margaret freaks out, but she doesn't share details. Katie drops by Permanent Record to tell Corey that Cousin Ted is actually a talent scout for Star Search, and he was serious about it. Unlike Katie, Corey doesn't want to be on Star Search, but his protests fall on deaf ears. Roger is upset when he learns that everyone except for him knew that they were going on Star Search... at least until he learns that contestants get $2,500 just for showing up -- which is great for him, since he's thoughtfully decided to make himself Corey's agent. Even though Corey continues to say he's not going on Star Search. After Margaret shows up to work incognito, she confesses to Corey and Tuesday that she once did pyrotechnics at a Pat Benatar concert, messed things up, and set Pat on fire. So now she assumes Pat has come to get even. RT calls up Barbara to rub her nose in the date she didn't get to see. When Katie whines about how much the dream of Star Search means to her, Corey decides to grin and bear it. So Corey, Katie, Roger, Owen and Tuesday take a road trip to Los Angeles. While soaking in RT's hot tub, Sophia complains about her boyfriend, and he recommends she get her own place. She, in turn, laughs that she'll need a bigger place after she takes over his company. On the Star Search set, Corey comes out of makeup looking like Richard Marx circa 1987. And when Katie sees how ridiculous and uncomfortable he looks, she calls the whole thing off, realizing that it's more important knowing that he's willing to make a fool of himself for her rather than actually making a fool of himself. As they're about to pack it up, Roger pesters Ed McMahon by asking him how much he makes, and Ed calls security. Pat Benatar pays a surprise visit to Permanent Record with her husband, Neil Giraldo. Margaret is terrified, but Pat stuns her by thanking her. It seems Margaret setting Pat on fire was what brought her and Neil together, and she came by to ask Margaret to attend the renewal of their wedding vows.

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