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That '80s Show (2002) - 1x13 - Sophia's Depressed

Plot Outline
Sophia's depressed when she learns her sister, Bianca, is getting married. Meanwhile, Corey and Tuesday argue over whose house to stay at, while Katie and Owen argue over him telling his Navy buddies that they got married. And a fire at Permanent Record reunites Margaret and a former fling.

Corey wakes up from his first night over at Tuesday's pad, which is a noisy, run-down hellhole that comes complete with an obnoxious punk roommate. An electrical fire destroys Margaret's office at Permanent Record, so she calls in her British contractor-slash-former boyfriend, Zeke, to design a new "tropical oasis" office on her insurance company's dime. Katie is surprised when a gift shows up from Owen's commanding officer with a card congratulating them on getting married, and is furious when Owen tells her that his buddies threw him a party -- mistakenly thinking they are getting married -- and he didn't have the heart to tell them. When Corey complains about Tuesday's living arrangements to Roger, Roger complains how Patty is staying with him and how the one thing she likes to do in the bedroom doesn't involve sleeping. After Patty and RT are introduced, RT tells Corey he once slept with her. Corey and Tuesday have a fight when he asks her to stay at his place from now on; she doesn't want to be at his, because she's scared of his perfect family and insulted that he doesn't want to be at hers. So they plan to sleep alone that night. But after Tuesday talks with Margaret, she realizes she's overreacting, and decides to give Corey's house a chance. At the club, Corey and Roger find Sophia is a complete mess, but have no idea what's wrong. Tuesday is too uncomfortable at the Howards', and is about to make a run for it in the middle of the night when she bumps into Katie, who's sleeping alone on the couch. They both run into Patty in the kitchen before Sophia comes over, sobbing. Her sister, Bianca, is getting married, and she's jealous. So Tuesday invites the three to her dive to fix Sophia a drink and be where she's more comfortable, but her dump of an apartment makes Sophia even depressed. Zeke designs a grand office for Margaret, and since there's some claim money left over, she invites him on a trip to Alcatraz. The guys all realize the girls are gone, and assume they left because they were mad at them. Roger is glad to have a break from being Patty's boy toy, Corey takes Tuesday's rejection of his family as a rejection of him and plans to call things off, Owen wants anything to have Katie home, and RT wants to come clean with Patty, but Corey advises against it, since she probably doesn't remember. Back at girl time, Patty confesses she wants Roger for other things, Sophia grows to enjoy Tuesday's place, and Tuesday finds out from Katie that their family is not as perfect as she thinks. After cheering up Sophia and sobering up, Tuesday, Katie and Patty return home and console with their fellas -- with Tuesday no longer afraid of staying over.

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