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Moonlight (2007) - 1x12 - The Mortal Cure

Plot Outline
Mick's dream of becoming human again is within reach when he uncovers Coraline's secret, but the answers come with a steep price. Meanwhile, still angry with Mick, Beth must deal with some heartbreaking news alone.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2008-01-19 15:59:40
1.) Great ending. Hope next season comes fast! :D  

Posted on:
2008-01-20 13:27:09
2.) Cool episode! Can't wait for the next one...
I would also like to know the song playing while Mick was looking in the mirror...
And the song playing while Logan played "Guitar Hero" was Alice Cooper's "School's Out", if somebody's interested...
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Posted on:
2008-01-21 05:05:55
3.) The song is : All Fall Down from One Republic.
You can see it here:
This ending was really nice.

Posted on:
2008-01-22 11:02:07
4.) fdelgado0, thank you very much!
Beautiful song.

Posted on:
2008-01-23 19:20:50
5.) Can't argue with that.
Nice episode ending. Feasting at the end was funny :)
So now he's in an old vampire bloodline or something? Hope he comes to europe...
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