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Visionaries - Knights Of The Magical Light (1987) - 1x05 - Feryl Steps Out

Plot Outline
When a village is attacked by pirates, Leoric and Feryl come to the rescue. However, Feryl's attempt to take on several pirates by driving the Capture Chariot at them goes badly wrong and, once Leoric has single-handedly defeated the pirates, he loses faith in himself and becomes deeply unhappy.

Deciding his friends will be better off without him, Feryl leaves the Spectral Knights. It is not long before news of his departure reaches Darkstorm, who decides to try and enlist Feryl in the Darkling Lords. When that fails, Darkstorm has Cravex summon the Spider of Fear, which bites Leoric as he sleeps and causes him to dream that Feryl is in danger. As a result, Leoric runs right into the Darkling Lords' trap and, having lost his Totem in the Magical Dungeon, winds up imprisoned in Darkstorm's pulley web.

Darkstorm plans to launch an attack on New Valarak and defeat the remaining five Spectral Knights. However, Feryl has learned of Leoric's capture and follows the Darkling Lords to Castle Darkstorm, where he frees Leoric from the pulley web. After a fight between Feryl and Mortdredd (who has been sent to check on Leoric) the two friends escape from the cells and go to the Magical Dungeon to restore Leoric's Totem power. But, before Leoric's Totem is fully restored, Virulina spots them, meaning Feryl must create a diversion. He taunts the Darkling Lords, provoking Lexor into telling Cindarr to summon the Beast of Destruction.

Leoric and Feryl escape from Castle Darkstorm. Darkstorm and Mortdredd give chase in the Sky-Claw, but Leoric and Feryl board the Capture Chariot (which Feryl hid in some bushes) and shoot the Sky-Claw down. Later, Leoric persuades Feryl to rejoin the Spectral Knights and the pair head back to New Valarak.

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