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Berkeley Square (1998) - 1x02 - Hide And Seek

Plot Outline
Hannah moves into the Hutchinson's on Berkeley Square and soon befriends her young charges, Bertie and baby Charlie. The Head Nanny, Mrs. Simmons, proves to be a hostile enemy and tries to find fault with Hannah at every turn. Hannah misses her own baby, but is unable to see him. The Countess has taken a shine to Lydia and insists she take baby Ivo to the park by herself. This does not please old Nanny Collins, but Lydia wins her over with the gift of an embroidered needle case. Matty is being blamed for all the ills in the St. Johns' house. When she meets Lydia and Hannah in the park, she is surprised to hear Hannah berate Lydia for finding her the position at the Hutchinson house.

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