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Killer Instinct (2005) - 1x12 - Love Hurts

Plot Outline
We see a man driving down a road, in his early thirties, he takes a sip from a small bottle of alcohol and spits it outside the window before removing his wedding ring and throwing it to the side. As his car pulls up to some traffic lights, we look down on itfrom above and we see the shots of a loaded crossbow. The arrow is fired and the camera follows as it flies into the windscreen of the car right before it pulls out and hits the man in the neck, going right through into the headrest. The car crashes into a nearby sidewalk.

Jack, Carter and Ray arrive from the Deviant Crime Unit at the crime scene, questioning why they do not yet know the victim, only discover that the mans head has been cut off from the neck with all forms of identity stolen.

Back at the police department, a labratory assistant describes to Detective Hale how they can only figure out that the man ate sushi and how his head was cut cleanly off while Carter is elsewhere learning the direction of the arrow from the hole in the windscreen. Another assistant makes a cast of the headrest to try and learn the type of arrow which was used.

Realising that the car had been rented, Jack and Danielle visit a car renting business to find out that Sam Bossi had been using the car since the day before yesterday. After Jack points out that all of the rent cars had tracking systems, he pushes the manager to reveal the route that the car had taken, wanting a subpoena, the manager originally refuses until Jack takes off his badge and stamps it into a pile of paper, leaving a mark.

Returning to the department again, Sam Bossis' business partner is discussing in an interview how Sam had phoned up at 10pm on the night of his death to say how he would not be able to complete a deal, causing it to fall through. The partner describes why Sam could not make the deal, his aparrent wife, in her twenties, with blue eyes, long dark hair, and "a body to die for".

Using the map taken from the car renting business tracking service, Ray and Jack learn the location of a lesbian club that served sushi.

Outside the club, Hale takes a photo of Carter on his phone and sends it to a number, you can't get into the club if you aren't hot enough. After getting inside, Carter brushes off a lesbian who directs her to the manager, LJ. Carter asks if they kept any details of people who got into the club the night before. She eventually gets the phone numbers and photos of all women with blue eyes and dark hair that had been there the previous evening. Phoning the main suspect, Miss Violet Summers, they arrange a meeting at the police department.

On the other end of the phone though, Miss Summers is at a boatyard and the camera reveals a man standing behind her. "Cold night, want a ride?" he asks, but she rejects his offer.

Interestingly, Jack does not take part in the interview between Miss Summers and Carter in which Violet reveals that she had planned to go to the South Market with Sam, who she knew was cheating on hia wife, but he didn't arrive. On leaving the department, the camera then reveals a man suspiciously waiting outside for the lady. The same man who was with her at the boatyard.

At the scene of the crime yet again, Jack and Danielle try and reconstruct wehre the arrow had come from, the top balcony on a nearby building. After going up there, they discover what appears to be oil on the floor. But the lab assistant does't think it's oil, revealing that he found acid in it, he tells that it was probably champagne.

We then see Miss Summers getting into a lift, the man who had followed her the night before jumps in before the doors close and asks "find something you like" to which she responds with "yes". We soon see her and the man again, they get ouf of the lift and are on a carpark floor. She follows him, and he asks who should drive, she volunteers but he stops her so that he can get something out of the trunk of his car. Opening it, he reveals a box, at which point the lady drops her bags, he opens it to reveal the head of Sam Bossi. They passionately kiss.

Now we learn how the lady may not be so innocent, as Carter learns of her fake name and fake paper trails.

Returning to the couple of Miss Summers, the man talks to a lady who is drinking, getting friendly and to apparently try and cheer her up he asks if there is anything that he can do, she replies, "kill my boss". The man soon invites the lady out to a pool, telling her how it may close at 9pm, but he can get them in at 10. After the lady leaves, the man walks towards Miss Summers, telling her the time of his date.

Jack Hale and Danielle Carter learn of two fake credit cards, given out to a couple. Miss Summers has a partner.

Violet Summers is walking around a hardware store, after picking up a few things, she goes to the checkout. Trying to be friendly, the cashier speaks "Hello again...", he mentions how he always tries to guess what people do with what they buy, which is greeted with a cold stare.

Looking at the bills for the two credit cards which we learned about before, Hale and Carter notice amongst the Gucci and luxury items, at $63 charge for a hardware store. Arriving there and showing the cashier Miss Summers picture, the detectives want to know if he has seen her before. He questions whether they would like to know about when she visited the week before or earlier that day, and he soon reveals what she bought, blue paint and some saw blades amongst other things.

It's 10pm, and we're at the pool with the lady who the man had met in the bar, she calls out his name "Mace", but it's just her and the floating bottle of champagne on the water. Getting in, she screams as she is suddenly pulled under by her feet, underwater she struggles but can't get free. The lady drowns.

When the DCU arrive, they look at the bear trap which was used to capture her and we then learn how her head was severed too. A vaginal swob reveals how she had been prepared for sex.

Talking to the ladys friends, Carter learns of how she told them that she met a cute guy that day, who invited her to the pool.

Thinking, Jack suspects that the couple have been playing a game, taking turns, each would try and kill whoever their partner had met up with before they can have sex. They discover that the same couple had taken out $25,000 in loans every 5 years which would be closed after 14 days, it is now 13 since the new one was opened. The DCU had just 24 hours left.

Finding out that the credit card had recently been used, Jack nominates himself to be the next victim. Going to the club being tracked, he notices and talks to Miss Summers, making fun to another guy who was trying to do the same. Slapping and kicking him, the lady is impressed and tells that they should meet in half an hour at a local hotel.

Going outside, Violet Summers gets suspicious, so jumps in to Jacks car. She says how she thought that the hotel was a lousy idea.

Waiting at the hotel, Ray and Carter realise that there was no booked room at the hotel and they then notice that Jacks tracker goes out of distance.

Arriving at a house, Miss Summers reveals how she is married, Jack isn't bothered. They kiss when Violet realises that Jack is bugged. There is a gunshot. Mace is shooting at Jack whilst Violet takes away Jacks gun. However, Detective Hale forces the lady to aim at her husband, so that it fires at him. He runs upstairs.

Checking with estate agents, the rest of the DCU find out about a rented house under the fake name of the couple.

The couple are seen opening a case full of weapons, going upstairs, they start looking around for Hale. They can't find him, Mace suspects that he is in a wardrobe so he walks up to it when suddenly, Jack kicks it open. It knocks the man to the floor. Aiming at Jack, Violet Summers is ready to shoot when, "drop your weapon", Carter is standing behind her. Standing up again, Mace gets in the way as his wife spins around and shoots at Carter, but the bullet goes right through Mace. Violet is screaming.

The episode ends, leaving you to wonder, who won? Mace, or Violet?

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