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Killer Instinct (2005) - 1x10 - She's the Bomb

Plot Outline
During and after some shooting practice, Jack Hale becomes frustrated when he thinks that he has somehow upset Carter. Trying to find out what's wrong, he follows her around until he soon realises that she is just late for a wedding.

The wedding sees the start of a chain of deaths that leave both the bomb squad and the Deviant Crime Unit confused when little evidence is left at the scenes of the crimes. After walking down the aisle, the bride elegantly turns around when she suddenly blows up. There is screaming and the bouchet lands right beside Carter.

As Jack and Ray arrive at the church, Ray argues with John Moore (Sebastian Spence) over which unit should deal with the explosion.

Inside, Carter speaks to the groom who questions why anyone would kill a lady who designs kitchens. We then see Ray and John discussing the fact that they found no evidence of a detonator or wire, Ray mentions how she couldn't have been a suicide bomber as the bride was the only casualty but John is still open minded.

In a car, we see Hale and Carter discussing what they should do. Jack wants to take Carter home, but she is desperate to give her statement and try and help the case. In questioning Carter, Hale and Moore discover that there was no timer, white smoke and a flash. They still get nowhere and Moore thinks that the bride was a suicide bomber, in defending the bride, Carter has a flashback that the bride had spun around before blowing up. She suspects friction started the explosion.

With forensics of the wedding dress, the team find out that there was a heavy concentration of some nitrate, PETN in its fibres. This may have been used as a detonating charge, so John and Carter go to a test chamber where they put some PETN on Jacks jacket. When he finds this out, he is shocked and upset, he goes to the door of the test chamber and it blows up. The wedding dress was the bomb.

We go to a restauraunt where Jack tries to find out if anyone would be upset at the bride enough to kill her and then to two ladies in a salon, who leave some new clothes in a wardrobe in the reception. A man dressed in a long coat and black hat walks in, opening the wardrobe and removing one of the ladies coats. Lateron, we see the man applying a solution to the coat and drying it with a hairdryer and then Jack, Ray and Carter outside the salon where Bridget Lake was killed. Carter mentions how he murderer hit a double with Dylan Barbenelle who had just started a jog on a promenade in the north of the city. They realise that this doesn't fit their original profile.

In interviewing friends of the murdered, the DCU can't figure out any connection between them until they realise that the victims were all in Santa Babara on the same weekend. They then realise that a plane, Flight 403, blew up around the same time because of mechanical issues and all of the victims had gone to Santa Babara on the same day.

All the victims were listed on the flight manifest - they should all have been on the plane. But 403 was overbooked since the flight before was cancelled so the airline asked for volunteers to book later flights, all of the victims became volunteers for $200 coupons. There were also 4 others who took up the offer.

Knocking on the door of a man, Jack asks him to remove his clothes. He originally defies until he is shown the story of the previous victims. They have all of them now except one. John Moore offers to go and get her.

After he has left, the forensics of the department tell Jack and Carter how the PETN had no lactose, showing that it did not come from pharmacies over the Mexican border as originally suspected. So the perpetrator could have got it from anywhere - Moore made a mistake. It is now suspected that it came from the military, a demolition company, the forest service or even downstairs (of the police department) in the explosives locker.

Going downstairs, Hale and Danielle look for some PETN, opening the box where it should be, they discover that it's not there.

In the home of the fourth lady who should have been on the flight but chose coupons, officer Moore is upstairs in her house getting her "safe" clothes. She ignores her phone ringing. He tells her to wear the clothes and stay with a friend for a few days. After thanking her, Moore responds "it' will all be over soon".

On the way to the house, Jack and Carter discover that Moore gained experience in the army reserves in explosives and went to Iraq for a few months. When he returned, his marriage failed when his wife left him for a Santa Babara 'desk jockey'. When his daughter, Katie Moore got killed, he joined the bomb squad.

Arriving at the house dramatically in their car, Jack and Carter ask the lady not to move. Standing on her front porch, they ask her to slowly remove her clothes. She takes off her purse and drops it, and slowly starts to remove her clothes, throwing them to the side as she does so. Eventually reaching her dress, she throws it to which Jack responds by jumping to the side before it blows up.

Back at the department, they have lost Moore, but get told that he's in the explosive labratory. They spot him in the explosion chamber, he is standing with a comical flask full of PETN. Talking to Carter, he tells her how he had an argument with Katie before dropping her off at the airport, he only got to see her 4 times a year. When at the gate, she phoned him telling about the coupons, but before she could get one, others had grabbed them.

"John". Carter smacks on the glass to the chamber. "I'm sorry", he says.. He drops the comical flask. It falls. An explosion and flames erupt infront of Carter, and she slowly steps back.

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