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John Edward Cross Country (2006) - 3x05 - The Light

Plot Outline
This episode begins as John is connecting with a mom in the audience named Gail, who has lost her daughter, Anjuli, in a car accident. From the other side Anjuli reveals that even though she was driving, she was not responsible for her and her boyfriend’s passing. This psychic message releases a stream of relief for both Gail and her husband Jeremy – as told to the show on a visit to their Massachusetts home.

Back in the gallery, John connects with four women relatives who originally identified incredible messages from a deceased brother/father - courtesy of one striking aversion to ‘Snoopy.’ Ultimately the psychic reading motivates this family to patch things up, from both sides of the veil.

Another studio reading connects sisters Suzanne and Jennifer to their father Allen, who died of cancer. He jokingly sends a long distance shout-out to her smelly dog “Jaeger.” The reading is extremely accurate and secures a strong life after death connection for this family.

The last emotional reading is for Carole and her daughter Jodi. The reading reveals that they are taking care of Carole’s deceased son Dave’s children in an extended family situation. This reading and John’s follow-up visit to their home in upstate New York motivated the rest of the show to focus on the subject of how to deal with children and death. John Edward Cross Country calls on author and TV psychologist Dr. Dale Atkins to explain the best course of action when dealing with helping children to understand the other side and grief.

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