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John Edward Cross Country (2006) - 3x09 - Spiritual Fuel

Plot Outline
On this episode of John Edward Cross Country—television’s favorite psychic continues his life’s work, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds. A special segment at the end of the program validates that John is not alone in his beliefs. It documents viewer response to the WE tv Afterlife Survey.

The show begins with John reading a woman named Sheila in his NYC studio. She hears from her parents. Her father, who died before Sheila could get home to be with him, knows exactly where Shelia was when he died. The show follows up with Sheila at her New Jersey home and discovers that she received spiritual messages while at the show, before her reading.

Next, Sheree a woman who was raised by her grandmother gets to connect with her deceased father. The detailed information she receives proves that he’s still connected. After the reading, John visits Sheree in Brooklyn, New York where he reminisces about his own family’s heritage.

Back in the studio John is energetically pulled to Debra, a woman who is repeatedly coughing while in the audience. It turns out that cough signified to John "empathetic psychic pain"—which is very relevant to her spiritual connection.

As mentioned above, at the end of the show the WE tv Afterlife Survey results, state what the John Edward Cross Country audience believes about communication with the dead. It is the first interactive multiplatform (Internet and television) segment of its kind.

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