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Just Legal (2005) - 1x04 - The Body in the Trunk

Plot Outline
Skip and Cooper are involved on a case involving 25 year-old pretty boy real estate agent, Sean Walker who is in jail after a dead body of a girl is found in his car trunk. He's having a rough time adjusting to jail. Skip and Cooper's attempt to release him on bail are unsuccessful from the judge's standpoint of evidence. Sean does not know how the girl got in his trunk as he was sick with the flu and inside his house for days before he came out when the body was discovered. Defense attorneys Skip and Cooper find out everything they can to get him off. Also, Skip is having a major problem with his landlord as his apartment is completely flooded due to poor pipes and his landlord's refusal to let him back into his apartment as he's changed the locks when Skip refuses to pay the rent under his poor conditions.

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