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Battlestar Galactica (2003) - 1x07 - Six Degrees of Separation

Plot Outline
Baltar has an argument with Number Six over the existence of only one true god that leads her to disappear from his life. Soon after he is called to the bridge where he sees her standing there. He initially tries to pretend that he does not see her as is generally the case but soon learns that this Cylon is calling herself Ms Godfrey. She accuses Baltar of being the traitor responsible for the failure of the Colonial Defenses. She provides proof in the form of a disc that once analyzed will prove that he was responsible.

The chief and company are working to try and get the Cylon fighter to fly again but are completely unable to make it respond.

The president collapses while speaking to Baltar on the phone leaving the fleet in chaos.

Baltar tries to convince Gaeta to let him work on the decryption of the disc but he refuses. The computer finishes its analysis only to reveal Baltar planted the bomb he is accused of planting. He is arrested but freed after Gaeta runs another test to learn that the disc had been tampered with. He is freed and after apologizing to Number Six she returns to him.

Meanwhile, back on the glorious land of Caprica, Helo and Boomer continue their flight from their pursuers. The two have a few moments of tenderness followed by some hard core tongue action, while at the same moment Boomer back on board the Galactica opens her locker to see the word "CYLON" written in yellow on her mirror.

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