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Lost (2004) - 6x09 - Ab Aeterno

Plot Outline
Richard Alpert faces a difficult choice

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2010-03-24 14:28:35
1.) finely some information is revealed .. i liked it a lot  

Posted on:
2010-03-26 19:15:59
2.) I did too!! It gave explication for the black rock (ok that far in the jungle from a sea strom is punching it a little but it's not that big a bug to me) ... the destroyed statue (that freakin ship was made of gold to destroy that shit =oP )

Why Richard doesn't age is solved too.
Who is Jacob in the first place? Still a mystery!
Why is the island this sort of evil cap?!

I hope they get back to why they (richard's gang, so Jacob too) decided to kill every member of Darma if they want people to make their choices for good or evil ... I hope there's a piece missing there and that we'll get it during the episodes left!
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