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Prison Break (2005) - 1x14 - The Rat

Plot Outline
A CO and his supervisor notice that the utility room's frosted glass door has been broken. They do some investigation and find two pieces of broken pipe. Nick and Veronica ask a judge to grant a stay of execution for Lincoln. In the meeting, there is also a man named Peter Tucci who presides over Respondent's table (aka makes it his mandate to destroy Nick and Veronica's case). Sucre and T-Bag face off during rec time. Sucre is sick and gets a guard's sympathy. Lincoln demands to see Michael but Stolte denies it.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-03-21 22:56:19
1.) DAMMIT!!! i hate this!!! only one week to wait... i wish i wouldn't have watched this episode today. so much time to wait until the next one airs!

great episode... this ending would be perfect for a cliffhanger!!! Lincoln is only a few steps away from his excecution! can't wait to see how he will be rescued in the last second...

maybe the other guard has a bad conscience and sabotages the chair himself.

Posted on:
2006-03-25 19:09:08
2.) Yeah thats a possibility, i personly thing that de goveneur will call back to delay it for a few weeks

(sorry for my bad English)
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