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Penguin Island (2010) - 1x06 - Summer Ends on Phillip Island

Plot Outline
Documentary about the penguins who live on Phillip Island.

In the final episode, Rocky and Jess's lone surviving chick Tilda is not yet big enough to feed herself and is anxiously awaiting the return of her parents. But time is running out as penguins around the island begin to moult and unfortunately Tilda is abandoned by her mother, leaving only her father to feed her.

At sea a leaking oil tanker has disastrous consequences for the little penguins and wildlife carer Marg Healy demonstrates how tiny knitted jumpers help to prevent the little penguins from ingesting toxic fuel.

Down at the Penguin Parade, Andre Chiaradia and the scientists of Phillip Island are road-testing an automatic weighbridge, which accurately weighs the penguins without human contact.

The house removal project on Summerlands Estate is nearly complete with the Wagner family and ranger Elizabeth Lundahl-Hegedus the last of the human residents to vacate the colony so the land can be returned to its original penguin inhabitants. It's the first time in the world a human development has been removed for the benefit of a single animal species.

Meanwhile, with the breeding season over, little Tilda has no choice but to brave a new life alone at sea. With no one to teach her how to swim or hunt for food, Tilda has just a 20 per cent chance of surviving the sharks, gulls, tankers and treacherous ocean currents.

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