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Hex (2004) - 2x13 - The Showdown

Plot Outline
It's Ella versus Malachi in the final showdown. But could Leon have what it takes to get tough, get killing and get the girl?

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2006-01-14 03:27:14
1.) This episode was finally one of the better ones, but still miiiles away from the quality each and every episode of the first season had.

Seriously, how do the decorators or writers come up with those stupid ideas? Why is there no common sense anywhere? Leon is trapped in a cage in Ellas room. Where did it come from? Did she find it in the basement somewhere or in her witchcraft chest in case she ever needs to lock someone in? Handcuffs would do just fine... Next, there are lots of lit candles in the middle of the day in her room, something everyone of us does all the times... Then, the biggest annoyance of the whole season in my opinion are the pathways behind all rooms and the secred doors and ventilation holes to look and see everything. gargh!

Anyway, so after seeing 12 episodes whereof half of them have been standalone episodes and in 8 Roxanne was evil and the last 4 she tried converting to be a god believing uber-good person, she's now so innocent that she can be sacrificed by Malachi to get Gods attention and burns himself and everyone in the school, while Leon, Ella and Thelma escape. And that without any huge showdown or fight between Ella and Malachi. The fight-scene between Ella and the Elve back in time when Malachi was a child was just ridiculous, but somehow the writers had to create some tension and drama... well, newsflash, that didn't work!

The only thing which kept me watching this show was Thelma after our 2 beloved main characters from season 1 left. Her jokes are funny as hell and in this episode she dressed as an angel with harp and halo and wings. Just amazing :)

So to sum it up: Unless the writers won't start writing reasonable plots, skip the filler episodes and make the show as good as season 1 has been, I won't continue watching it.

Posted on:
2006-08-20 15:32:12
2.) I liked the first few I watched but I am not surprised about the cancellation.  I also watched a couple of the second season (by accident since I like watching from the start...) they where definetly not at the same level.

To bad, it seem to have a future.

Posted on:
2007-04-11 23:55:14
3.) For me the series ended when Cassie (Christina Cole) left the show, her last episode was 2x03.
I only watched until episode 2x06 then I lost interest.
If they had kept Cassie, the should would still be on.

Posted on:
2009-09-15 04:23:24
4.) I found they started rushing the show after Season 1. The last episode was by far rushed, and kind of pathetic. It had a few good points. I did enjoy Season 2, and I enjoyed Ella more then I thought I would. I did miss Cassie though.  
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