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Smallville (2001) - 10x16 - Scion

Plot Outline
Tess reveals that Alexander was genetically engineered from both Lex and Clark's DNA. Clark takes Alexander, now going by the name Conner (CONR), under his wing and attempts to teach him to control his powers. When Clark lies about where the other half of the DNA comes from, Conner flees and is found by Lionel who slips a red kryptonite ring on Conner's hand. Without his inhibitions, Conner's dark side comes out and he attempts to force Lois into loving him. Clark comes to the rescue and destroys the ring. Afterward, Conner returns home to the Kent farm and learns that Clark has enrolled him into Smallville High as "Conner Kent". Tess proves that Lionel is an imposter and retakes control over LuthorCorp. Later, Lionel is visited by Darkseid.

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