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House (2004) - 8x02 - Transplant

Plot Outline
A surprising visitor makes House an offer he can't refuse by giving him the opportunity to help the Princeton Plainsboro team treat a unique patient in order to save the life of an organ recipient being treated by Wilson. Although House finds himself back on familiar ground, he quickly realizes that much has changed since he left, and he is forced to work on the case with smart yet timid resident Dr. Chi Park (Charlyne Yi). After several inconclusive treatments and with time running out, House and Dr. Park are left with one last option to examine the patient's medical history that could compromise House's conditional agreement with the hospital. Meanwhile, House makes an effort to reconnect with Wilson despite a cold reception.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2011-10-12 00:59:12
1.) I have watched House since day one - Yes It can be depricating and come of a bit preachy. But this episode rocked!!!. It cut through the bullshit. I like the way the the character development has progressed over 8 years.  
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