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Fringe (2008) - 4x02 - One Night in October

Plot Outline
As the victims of a highly intelligent serial killer "Over There" stack up, the Fringe Division "Over Here" is asked to assist. As the two sides tangle and innocent people remain at risk, the suspect's doppelganger "Over Here," a professor who teaches Forensic Psychology, is brought into the fold and forces the team to consider the notion of sending civilians to the other side.

Episode Comments
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Posts: 44
Posted on:
2011-10-17 03:54:35
1.) How come that Broyles "over there" is ALIVE !!??? The last I remmember, he's dead ???  

Posts: 4
Posted on:
2011-10-22 04:55:10
2.) Because the timeline was rewritten when Peter vanished: he drowned in the lake. Anything he was involved with after that (when he was a kid) had to change, so Broyles never died like you think he did in this timeline.  
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