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Spooks (2002) - 10x02 - Episode 2

Plot Outline
High-level secrets are stolen when Calum is mugged outside Thames House. A random robbery or a theft-to-order? Either way there are lethal consequences for the agents and assets of Section D.

Calum is attacked by a gang of street muggers during a routine intelligence-sharing exercise with MI6. The laptop he was carrying is stolen, and contains highly-classified information on MI5's undercover assets. Their names are soon plastered all over the internet, making MI5 look incompetent and putting those top assets' lives in danger.

It is a race against time to stop the next spy being exposed. Tariq scours London's CCTV network, but the muggers are highly trained and have used sophisticated cleaning routes to ensure they remain undetected. Having made an arrangement for her to contact him, Harry meets Elena at the ballet. But the Russian FSB are on her trail, and Elena's own son, Sasha, is forced into drastic - and deadly - action to prevent any revelation of his mother's former life as a western spy.

The team discover who is leaking their assets' identities onto the internet, only to realise that this is part of a bigger plan to discredit MI5; whoever is attacking MI5 has the backing and support of an international state. Tariq makes a breakthrough, linking the muggers to a surprising third-party. He rushes across London to tell Harry and the team, but will he make it in time?

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