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Spooks (2002) - 10x03 - Episode 3

Plot Outline
MI5 receive a red flash: radioactive material has been detected at an airport. They have intelligence that a highly dangerous anarchist with a penchant for dirty bombs has secretly entered the country. They enlist Dimitri to honeytrap the anarchist's only known contact, his sister Natalie. It is a morally tough operation for Dimitri, but through Natalie he gets close to the dirty-bomber. Dimitri's personal connection to them both proves invaluable in the tense and potentially lethal endgame.

The home secretary invites Ruth to dinner to discuss a possible role as his very own security advisor. Is this strictly professional? Ruth is torn, but the constant revelations about Harry are making her think it may be time to move on.

The team realise that the intelligence theft and the foiled assassination on Russian ambassador Gavrik are connected. Someone is trying to attack the planned partnership between Britain and Russia. All the evidence points towards the USA. But Harry's trusted friend and CIA colleague, Jim Coaver, denies any involvement. Harry and Ruth must discover if he is telling the truth.

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