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Spooks (2002) - 10x05 - Episode 5

Plot Outline
Harry kidnaps his CIA counterpart, Jim Coaver, and interrogates him. What Harry discovers alters his suspicions of who is behind the attacks on the Anglo/Russian partnership, but is it too late to save his friend from a brutal end?

With fresh evidence of Jim Coaver's involvement in the recent attacks on MI5 and the government's proposed partnership talks with Russia, Harry kidnaps his former Cold War colleague, but the interrogation does not go to plan. Harry suddenly realises that he has been looking in the wrong place. Possibly Jim is the innocent party after all, and the real villain lies in another quarter?

Having illegally lifted Coaver, Harry is soon confronted by the CIA. The team hand Coaver over, but are the retrieval team the real CIA, or fake mercenaries and part of a bigger conspiracy?

Harry acts on Jim's last words and, with the help of Ruth who is now working for the home secretary, sets out to steal Coaver's laptop from under the noses of the Americans at the US Embassy. On it lies the revelation of who is really behind the brutal attacks on Gavrik and the partnership. But the laptop never makes it into Harry's hands. Sasha Gavrik steals it first and discovers a life-changing secret of his own.

An attempt is made on the home secretary's life by a mercenary who the team discover had links to Ilya Gavrik. Is this a coincidence or does Ilya have secrets of his own?

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