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Sanctuary (2008) - 4x04 - Monsoon

Plot Outline
Helen is meeting with a potential funder in Africa, a man by the name of Feliz, so Henry and Will have to handle the Stenopelohabilis outbreak on their own. But while exploring the subterranean tunnels, who should they encounter but the newly promoted Special Agent Abby Corrigan and her doofus of a partner. Will is furious that Abby didn't tell him the FBI was covering Abnormals now, and that she was a part of that team, but she tries to explain that she couldn't - the Sanctuary is blacklisted by the FBI and her position is classified. They put the personal matters aside as much as they can and part ways to continue their search for the Steno.

Magnus has just made the casual acquaintance of the other travelers in the airport - a Russian cage fight promoter and a scientist studying lemurs - when a team of criminals storms in and demands everyone's bank account info: They're going to wire transfer everything anyone owns, and then kill them.

But it doesn't take long for Magnus to do two things: one, get the upper hand, and two, realize that these crooks are Abnormals. She sneaks away, disables their Internet connection, and rescues the scientist from interrogation and probable death. Together, the two women plant a bomb and further disorient the heist. Now that the scientist knows she can trust the doctor, she tells Helen that she's there with the purpose of delivering a deadly virus to the protective care of Feliz. It's too dangerous to be out in the world, and she wants the mysterious philanthropist to remove it to where it will never threaten the world.

Back in Old City, Abby storms into the Sanctuary, furious that Will pulled a prank on her and her partner with an anonymous - and false - report of a Steno sighting. He tries to tell her he did it to protect her from the deadly beast, but she's humiliated and fed up with his lack of professionalism, and breaks off their relationship. Will doesn't have time to grieve, however, because just then Henry enters with a trace on the Steno.

When the boys arrive on the scene, the Steno is out-of-control angry, and knocks Henry out cold just as Abby and her partner arrive once again. Tensions are high, but the trio band together and, using Will's expertise, manage to stun the Steno. Abby apologizes for doubting Will's knowledge, and the two reconcile.

Helen devises a plan to tempt her aggressors with the promise of germ warfare. She tells the thieves of the deadly virus in a pink suitcase, which they promptly snag and fly away with. But the truth is that the vials in that case were pure nitroglycerine, and when the unpressurized plane cabin reached altitude, the volatile compound explodes. With the bad guys out of the way, Helen tells her Russian friend that he can drop his accent, which he does, revealing himself to be none other than Feliz. He thoroughly trusts her now, and agrees to fund whatever the Sanctuary might need.

Helen is about to shove off, but the scientist begs her to stay. She declines, until the woman plants a passionate kiss on Helen's lips, which the doctor bemusedly returns.

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