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Sanctuary (2008) - 4x12 - Sanctuary For None (Part 1)

Plot Outline
Things are changing faster than anyone can keep up with. First, Helen's friend and financial backer, Richard Feliz, withdraws his support with an ominous hint at Helen's secret plans. Then, Helen discovers an ally in the former Hollow Earth insurrectionist known as Caleb, who approaches her with a plan to build a new kind of sanctuary for Abnormals, one that will serve as an intermediary step between Hollow Earth and mainstream surface society. She recalls Kate from Hollow Earth to ensure the refugees have what they need, and Kate is hopeful at the thought that she and her Abnormal fiance, Garris, may one day be able to live together on the surface. But Will won't be a part of the realization of this new homeland - Greg Addison has forcibly recruited Will to work for SCIU. Helen lets Will go with no fanfare, almost as if she hoped he would work for the other side. Will is furious that she won't let him in on her grand plan, but his anger doesn't move her to reveal her intentions.

Things are changing for Tesla, too - after being fired as head of SCIU, he found that all of his inventions had been stolen by the government agency. And Biggie, whose loyalty seems still to be suspect, is also swept away in the changing tide - he decides to leave the Sanctuary and live with the other Abnormals. It's a tearful moment for Magnus, but not so for Biggie - he says his goodbye with a stony demeanor.

Will might not have a choice about where he works, but that doesn't mean he won't give his all defending Magnus's name. But when Magnus and Caleb bust Hollow Earth's imprisoned intelligentsia out of SCIU's detention facility, Will has to question even his own faith in this woman. Addison orders Will to arrest Magnus, but she evades him and goes on the lam. When Will reports this news back to Addison, the SCIU officer makes a critical call, and moments later, the newswires are abuzz with word of a "toxic chemical spill" in the Fifth Ward - the very location where so many Abnormals are hoping for safe passage. It seems Magnus is not the only one with a secret plan - Caleb and his followers played right into Addison's hands, and now hundreds of Abnormals are cordoned together and at his mercy.

Armed forces surround the Abnormals and train weapons on them from helicopters above the site, all the while telling the public that the area is the site of a toxic waste accident in order to keep them well clear of the horror that is about to take place. This leaves Magnus with only one option: She contacts the news agencies and makes the shocking announcement on live television that Abnormals, known to most as monsters, are real and living in our midst.

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