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Supernatural (2005) - 8x04 - Bitten

Plot Outline
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a bizarre murder in a college town. Close on the tail of their suspect, they bust into an apartment to find two dead bodies and a laptop cued up to some disturbing video footage. The footage begins with Brian (guest star Leigh Parker), Mike (guest star Brandon W. Jones) and Kate (guest star Britni Sheridan) hearing about an unusual animal attack in their town and the rest of the story is revealed through their eyes. Sam and Dean become unknowing participants in a unique student film.

Episode Comments
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Posted on:
2012-10-25 15:21:18
1.) Nice found footage episdoe with nod to Ghost Facers. Glad to see plot lines will be somewhat creative and not just stamped out from the old "Crowly Kidnaps, Winchesters rescue" mold. "What's up TIger Mommy was on the worst written shows every made, so i'm glad to see the writers are rallying and getting back to that Kripke/Singer/Gamble paradigm  

Posted on:
2012-10-25 15:26:44
2.) Opening song by Milo Greene from 2012 self titled album "Milo Greene", the song is "What's the Matter" and is playing during slow pan over crime scene  
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