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Speed with Guy Martin (2013) - 1x01 - Britain's Fastest Cyclist

Plot Outline
Guy attempts, with the help of slipstreaming, to break the British record for outright speed on a bicycle: an incredible 110mph. Guy recruits an unlikely team made up of a truck racer, an Olympic gold medallist, a bicycle builder and a design engineer more used to working on next-generation military aircraft.

Together they work out how to modify a 1000-horsepower racing lorry to create a large enough slipstream for Guy to cycle in, and build a unique bicycle gearing system capable of triple-figure speeds.

With help from British Olympic track cyclist Laura Trott, Guy undergoes a relentless training regime to get fit enough for the record attempt.

As he lines up at Pendine Sands in Wales - the scene of Sir Malcolm Campbell's historic land speed record attempts in Bluebird - it is without question the most dangerous thing this Isle of Man TT racer has ever done.

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