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Speed with Guy Martin (2013) - 1x04 - World's Fastest Toboggan

Plot Outline
Guy sets out to break the record for the world's fastest gravity powered sled.

With the help of top sports science engineers, athletes and experts in composite engineering, Guy builds a toboggan to ride on the unforgiving slopes of the Pyrenees as he attempts to claim the record from a group of thrill-seeking Germans who set it three years earlier.

Guy experiences his first taste of going blisteringly fast on ice, at the famous Cresta Run in St Moritz, before a crack team of engineers from Sheffield Hallam University help him build a prototype toboggan.

Then the fastest woman to ever to have ridden a skeleton bob, Amy Williams, gives him some tips on flying head-first down the 180-metre slope.

He also races a drag bike at Santa Pod raceway, to help him master precision steering using his body weight alone, and also to help him find a way of stopping the sled safely, using a bespoke parachute system.

Guy tries to break the record at Grandvalira in Andorra on the speed ski slope Pista Riberal. Despite the danger, Guy will hopefully steer himself into the record books.

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