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Bad Judge (2014) - 1x11 - Naked And Afraid

Plot Outline
To entice Gary to come over during a boring night, Rebecca texts him a selfie of herself naked. The move works, but later Judge Hernandez informs her that a hacker Rebecca sent to jail gained access to her phone... and uploaded her naked picture to the court's website. Everyone's totally seen her naked now.

Even though Tedward secures her phone against future attacks, Judge Hernandez reassigns Rebecca to small claims court in order to keep a low profile while the judicial board reviews the situation. This moves her from an exciting case involving the Russian mob... to a neighbor dispute involving a squirrel attack by a squirrel that may or may not be the defendant's pet. To prove to the board and Judge Hernandez that she recognizes her mistake and wants to rectify her problem, Rebecca attends a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting and attempts to write an apology letter. Can she please make her way back to trying hardened criminals?

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