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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x01 - Homer's Barbershop Quartet

Plot Outline
The Simpson family goes to a town swap meet. The kids look through some old records and find an album with Homer's picture on it. They ask Homer about it and he tells them a story from eight years past. He performed in a barbershop quartet with Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, and Apu. An agent approaches Homer. If they want to be big, they have to kick Wiggum out of the band. They hold auditions for the replacements. Abe, Willie, and Wiggum (yes, Wiggum) all fail the audition. They find their man in Barney. The band becomes incredibly popular. They name themselves "The Be Sharps." The family drives home from the sale. When Homer gets a flat, he continues the story. They record a song that Homer wrote which goes through the roof. The band goes on tour and Homer has to pretend he is not married, because young Swedish ladies want to have sex with him. They return to the States and dozens of journalist's interview them at a press conference, just like The Beatles. They perform for President Reagan and Johnny Carson. Even Joan Rivers make jokes about Wiggum on TV. The band wins a Grammy and Homer even meets George Harrison. Homer misses his family while he's on the road. With the flat tire repaired, the family is back at home, as Homer continues to tell his story. The band marketed a lot of terrible merchandise. Lisa wonders why the band isn't still popular. Homer's songs started to get really awful and Barney got an Asian girlfriend and turned into a beatnik artist. "The Be Sharps" decide to break up. Barney returns to the bar. Homer returns to his job at the plant (apparently, a chicken had filled in for him while he was gone). The kids have more questions, but alas, it is bedtime for Bart and Lisa. The four "Be Sharps" reunite on the roof of Moe's and perform again. George Harrison rides by in a limo to take a gander, citing "It's been done". Chief Wiggum tells his officers to break out the tear gas.

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