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The Simpsons (1989) - 5x04 - Rosebud

Plot Outline
Mr. Burns has a dream about his lost toy bear, Bobo. He gave it up in his childhood along with his innocence. His birthday approaches and Smithers is organizing a banquet. Homer is at the plant one day making an ass of himself (as usual), when Mr. Burns gets an idea. He invites Homer to perform comedy at the party. Homer starts writing his material, mainly consisting of roast-like insults. All of the employees show up for the birthday bash, where The Ramones perform. They get Mr. Burns really angry. Before bringing out Homer, Smithers tells everyone that a small collie was just run over in the parking lot. Homer's act bombs and security beats him up. Mr. Burns kicks everyone out and longs once more for his Bobo. A montage shows the travels of the stuffed bear. Who has it now? Why Maggie Simpson does. When the news reports that Mr. Burns wants to find his bear, Homer realizes that he can sell it. He wants to negotiate and make as much money as possible. When Mr. Burns offers a million dollars and three Hawaiian islands, they seem to have a deal. When Maggie will not give up the bear, Homer has to turn him down. Mr. Burns and Smithers go to break into the Simpsons house and their attempt turns out to be unsuccessful. Mr. Burns punishes Homer at work and Homer feels tortured at his decision. Mr. Burns takes over every television station and then stops beer delivery to Springfield. The town turns on the Simpson family. As a last resort, Mr. Burns goes to negotiate with Maggie directly. She gives Mr. Burns the bear and Mr. Burns vows to be nice to everyone from now on. What will the future hold for Mr. Burns and Bobo?

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